Our friend Servaali brought as a Barleywine from Estonian brewery Põhjala. The beer has a hefty ABV of 12% and it uses Magnum, Cascade and Goldings as hops (IBUs). Malts are Pale malt, Melanoid Malt, Cara Pale, Cara 150, Cara 300. Original gravity (Plato) 26.6° and Final gravity of 5.1°.

odravein lasissa.jpegLets taste this!

Bottle. Best before: 19.12.2021

Temperature: +11 degrees

Appearance: Deep reddish-brown colour. Off-white head is thick and long lasting. Finally it shrinks and forms a circle that goes around the surface. Very good looking high ABV Barleywine: 4,5/5 

Nose: lots of melanoid malt charesteristics with sweet brediness and bread crust. Caramel maltiness… And overall very malty. Also some minor sherry like vibe: 3,75/5

Mouthfeel: Full with little bit harsh alcohol present. Seems like this is very young… Carbonation is low as is bitterness. Maybe too low bitterness for my liking. I’d like more support for the malt and actually also because it would bring more complexity to this. Now the mouthfeel is just alcohol warmth and thick malt backbone: 4/5

Taste: Alcohol with slight boozy character, caramel sweet and bready maltiness. Sherry wine vibe is also there again. A very minor citrus/floral shade can be noted: 10,5/15

Overall: This really seems too young to be consumed now. Alcohol is too strong which is strong indicator of that. Plus the lack of “organization”of the flavors. The right elements are there but just somewhat “off” at least for now. In a few months I do believe this could be a very nice Barleywine and its definitely not a bad one even now 🙂  15/20


odrawein hangessa.jpeg
Strong, warming Barleywine for cold winter months

Rater: Jari from Pint Please

Pictures by Miikka From Pint Please