Omnipollo, this wonderful Swedish gypsy brewery makes some of the best and most unique strong and dark ales there are. Especially their Imperial stouts and porters are well known all over the globe. Omnipollo has been ranked among the best beer makers in the Europe by numerous magazines like the Food and wine magazine  and its beers are equally high ranked. For example The Dailymeal  ranked Omnipollo’s two beers among the best 50 brews in the world in 2018. Omnipollo has also won several prizes with their beers during the course of years. In Pint Please app beers made by Omnipollo are doing very well and can often be found as the highest rated beers in the whole Pint Please.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle omnipollo logo

Mid November. What a Cold, rainy, grey and gloomy month. Theres not even a snow yet here in Oulu… Perfect time to sip some dark, strong and warming beer. So after lea-ving the office I decided to get some. And I figured that Omnipollo’s Selassie would do just fine. An Imperial stout with ABV of 11% brewed with 10 different malts and with Ethiopian coffee plus some vanilla beans. Idea of this just makes you happy. Can’t wait to pour this in the glass!

Selassie editet.jpg

Appearance: Pitch black and surypy like thick when poured. Head is brown, fluffy and dense with very good retention and it leaves beautiful laces when eventually settling down…Really hard to imagine better look for an Imperial stout! 5/5

Nose: Strong chocolate/cocoa with some elegant, roasted coffee and a strong malty and slightly bready backbone with a pleasant touch of alcohol warmth. At first no vanilla (poured this a bit too cold). But then its sneaks into the game as the beer turns warmer, complementing the coffee and malt darkness. 4,5/5

Mouthfeel: Really full, you can almost bite through this. Dark malt ”sting” and roasted coffee is there to balance the otherwise thick and sweet maltiness. Very high level brewing and really nice mouthfeel. I could just enjoy the mouthfeel all day long but probably should concentrate on for the taste also… 4,5/5

Taste: Elegant and pleasant coffee continues to shine together with chocolate and maltiness. Vanilla joins the party in the middle of this “dark attack” acting as a balancer and bringing a dessert like sweetness. Aftertaste  has some toasty dryness and together with vanilla it also acts like a good balancing agent. “Simple, yet complex” Just like Omnipollo says about Selassie. 12,5/15

IMG_20181116_143658.jpg “Imperial stout with Ethiopian coffee & vanilla beans. Imperial stout A 11%”

Overall: Slow sipping, ones again quality brew by this iconic Swedish beer maker. Especially the well build body pleases: the thick and sweet malty backbone never gets too dominating and is kept in line by  bitterness and roasted, somewhat dry coffee. Lovely Imperial stout. If you haven’t tested this yet I strongly recommend it! Good warmer and a quality beer like this really brings joy during a dark and cold November. 44,75/50

Food pairings: Chocolate desserts although this beer is a kind of a dessert on its own. This also works really well as a night cap or in a relaxing moment when you don’t have a hurry to anywhere.


-Pint Please- Jari