Pint Please 2.0 was released a week ago for Android and it’s a complete reconstruction of the old school beer app format. The app has been built from the ground up which means it has new bugs and we would like to thank everyone for helping us and letting us know where to send our exterminators.

If you’re experiencing problems with the new app version, remember to please be patient and let us know by emailing us at Everything that you loved about the old app will eventually be a part of Pint Please 2.0.

We’re extremely excited that people can finally experience the new look along with new upcoming features, but the complete reconstruction is still an on-going process. At the moment we’re missing some main functions and we’re constantly working on new updates to make the app better. Meanwhile we need your help!

Once again if you’re having problems with Pint Please 2.0 please let us know by emailing us:

Thank you in advance for being a part of Pint Please 2.0 and cheers!

-Pint Please Team