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We’re extremely happy to announce that our new Pint Please Shop for merchandise is now open through Spreadshirt. What this means is that all our designs are freely customisable and you can have them on a variety of different products including beanies, phone cases and of shirts. So you can choose to have any of our designed prints on which ever merchandise you want and let your imagination be the limit.

Here’s an 8-bit design that really stands out nicely and it’s definitely the best looking print on a trucker cap which seems to be our current best seller.

Obviously you can get merchandise with our new Pint Please logo designs in black, white and orange in a variety of options. This example is a dark grey women’s tank top.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 13.10.22.png

Don’t feel forced to stick to our brand colouring. We want you to get the kind of clothes that you really like to wear so if you want a wine red hoodie for the fall here’s a design that will make your friends jealous.

If you feel like some designs are missing in the store that you’d love to have, please let us know at info@pintplease.com

Enter the new Pint Please Shop by clicking here!

Thank you for your interested and cheers everyone,

– Pint Please Team