Pint Please 2.0 is here for Android! You can download it here. iOS users get ready for an update later this year. This is what it looks like:

So as you can see we’ve gone with a complete rebuild for the UI that appreciates the beer labels and beautiful visuals that are a big part of the beer scene. This helps give more emphasis to the kind of beer pictures our users take.

All that you loved about Pint Please is still there apart from a some minor features that are coming in the next updates. On the technical side we’ve spent a lot of time getting our AI algorithms for recommendations as personalised and high quality as possible. A big part of that includes the addition to rate pubs and other venues which is the first new feature. Support your locals and favourite pubs to help other beer enthusiasts know who serves the best brews!

There are lots of new key features that we’re already working on that will make Pint Please stand out. Stay tuned for new updates for both iOS and Android. Please let us know what you think of the new version by emailing us at

Download Pint Please 2.0 for Android


Pint Please Team